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  Aminosulfonic acid plays an important role in chemical industry. As a widely used chemical product, it has the advantages of easy configuration, convenient transportation and convenient storage. As a cleaning agent, sulfamic acid is especially suitable for long distance use. Sulfamic acid cleaning agent is widely used in cleaning boiler, condenser, heat exchanger, jacket and chemical pipeline.
  It is used in breweries to remove the scale layer on the glass lined storage tank, pot, open beer cooler and beer barrel;
  Clean the evaporator of enamel factory and the equipment of paper mill;
  In the aspect of air conditioning, the rust and scale of cooling system and evaporation condenser can be removed;
  The utility model can remove the algae and scale in the seawater evaporator (distillation equipment), heat exchanger and brine heater;
  It can clean the scale of copper pot, radiator, tableware washing mechanism, silverware, toilet, ceramic tile, food and milk processing equipment;
  It can remove the protein deposited on the digester and the sediment on the sterilized LV used in the processing plants of fresh meat, vegetables and cheese. The U.S. Department of agriculture allows sulfamic acid to be used as an acid cleaner in fresh meat, poultry, rabbit and egg processing enterprises. The sulfamic acid solution is injected into carbonate reservoir.
  Because sulfamic acid is easy to react with reservoir rock, it can avoid the deposition of salt generated by reaction. The treatment cost is slightly higher than that of hydrochloric acid, but the oil production is doubled. In the United States, 48.5% potassium glycolate and 3.4% sulfamic acid were used. The wetting agent 0.1-3% aqueous solution cleans the gypsum scale layer in the oil well casing. The treatment time is about 30 hours. The car shell is first electroplated with tin zinc alloy, then painted, and the adhesion of the paint film will increase. Sulfamic acid is widely used in gold plating or alloy plating. The plating solution of gold, silver and gold silver alloy contains 60-170 g sulfamic acid per liter of water.
  The typical plating solution for silver plated women's clothing needle is 125g sulfamic acid per liter of water, which can obtain very bright silver plating on the surface. In the new aqueous gold plating bath, alkali metal sulfamate, ammonium sulfamate or sulfamate can be used as conducting and buffering compounds. When recovering from nickel plating waste liquid, cation exchange resin is used for adsorption treatment and then sulfamic acid is used to clean the resin, so that the adsorbed resin can be desorbed and regenerated. For example, 150 g / L of sulfamic acid 50ml, 2112 g / L of (nh2so3) and 4148 g / L of NiSO4 are used to treat the electroplating waste liquor of 400 ppmni. Nickel plating is required for repair of nickel plated parts, and 100 g / L sulfamic acid can be used for anode treatment.
  Before nickel plating, the surface of nickel plating should be cleaned with 0.003-0.1g molecular sulfamic acid solution. The content of sulfamic acid in copper plating solution is 3-20 L. the function of sulfamic acid is to make the coating fine and malleable with high viscosity. When plating iridium, nh2so3h / IR ≥ 7, the obtained iridium coating has no cracks, the thickness of iridium layer is 15 μ m, and the adhesive force is large. The product has good activity in the automatic anti pollution equipment.
  When rhodium rhenium alloy is plated on silver and electrical components, the content of sulfamic acid in the ferry solution is 100g / L. when the coating thickness is ≤ 5 μ m, it has high hardness and strong corrosion resistance, and the electroplated layer is very bright and beautiful. The smooth and beautiful rhodium rhenium ferry layer on brass has high hardness and corrosion resistance. The plating solution contains 100g / L of sulfamic acid, 50g / L of concentrated sulfuric acid, 2G / L of rhodium (such as sulfate), 0.05g/l of rhenium (such as k3n (rucl4h2o2) 2). The deposition rate is 3-4mg / a at 65 ℃ and 1-2a / m2. Lead sulfamate bath has been used instead of silicofluoric acid bath in Italy, which can reduce pollution. It has many uses in the anti-corrosion aluminum industry. The product has good luster and processing performance. Aminosulfonic acid is a cheap and stable solid acid, which has a good catalytic effect on the esterification of organic acids and does not corrode the equipment.
  The sulfamic acid aqueous solution can clean and remove the scale and corrosion products on the surface of the equipment made of iron, steel, copper, stainless steel and other materials. However, when the sulfamic acid aqueous solution is used for cleaning, the temperature is generally controlled at no more than 66 ℃ (to prevent the decomposition of sulfamic acid), and the concentration is no more than 10%. The specific method of using sulfamic acid is that sulfamic acid is easy to dissolve in water, and with the increase of water temperature, it will dissolve The solution degree increases.